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Do you want to attract more audience to your website and increase your income? We optimize and promote websites in search engines to make your site more noticeable and stand out from the competition.

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Why choose us

Individual approach
We understand that each business is unique and requires an individual approach to promotion. We take into account the peculiarities of the site and analyze the niche in order to develop the best promotion strategy.
Transparent work
We pay special attention to the openness and clarity of our work, so you can monitor the process of promotion, ask any questions and know exactly how we promote your site.
A team of professionals
Our team consists of qualified and experienced specialists. We constantly monitor changes in search engine algorithms to keep abreast of the latest trends and use the most effective promotion methods.
Detailed reports
We provide detailed reports on the work done and the results of promotion of your site. This helps you to understand what actions were performed and how they affected the position of your site in search engines.
Case #1
Online store
Pulp and paper products for B2B (wholesale) and B2C
Result: Growth of traffic from 0 to 9000 hits per month from search engines. 14 months on promotion.
What we do: We developed the website, now the focus is on SEO and Contextual advertising.
for 8 months
Sep 2019 Nov 2020
Pulp and paper products for B2B (wholesale) and B2C
Food and household chemicals in bulk B2B
Online Shop Sanitary Warehouse
Online electrical store
Online store of ceramic tiles
Online store of belorussian clothing
Online store of building materials
Online store for body care products
Narrowly specialized online store of medical equipment
Online linen store
Online store products for tourism and recreation
Manufacturer of packaging materials, direct supplies

We have extensive experience website promotion

We are ready to share our experience and elaborate on how we help our clients achieve success. Get unique insights and advice from SEO professionals to optimize your website and increase its effectiveness in the market.

Stages of work SEO promotion

01. Site Audit
Evaluating the current state of the site and identifying problems in SEO.
02. Keyword research
Identification of the most important keywords and phrases for promotion.
03. Competitor analysis
Study competitors' strategies and identify opportunities to improve your position.
04. Content optimization
Optimization of texts on the site, including titles, descriptions and keywords.
05. Optimize meta tags
Optimize the title, description tags and other meta elements on the site.
06. Creating quality backlinks
Search and create quality external links to the site.
07. Optimizing Images
Optimization of file names, alt attributes and other elements related to images.
08. Content Creation
Create new content for the site with specific keywords and themes.
09. Optimizing download speed
Improving the loading speed of the site, which can improve its ranking in search engines.
10. Create a sitemap
Creation of XML and HTML sitemap files to improve indexing of the site.
11. Setting up Google Analytics
Install and configure Google Analytics to analyze traffic and user behavior on the site.
12. Monitoring and analysis of results
Regular monitoring and analysis of the results of the promotion of the site to improve strategy and increase efficiency.
High quality services and transparent price
Cost site promotion
We guarantee an individual approach, taking into account regions of promotion, competition and peculiarities of the topic. We provide the best quality of site promotion, and the minimum price is €1500 per month. We are ready to provide you with a transparent and honest cost to achieve the best results in your business.

And here are the bonuses you will receive

We love our customers and always try to exceed their expectations
Transparent display of purchased links
We will show you what links have been purchased to promote your site, so you are always aware of our actions and can monitor the quality of promotion.
Free addition of a company to online maps
We will add your company to popular online maps: Yelp, Google Maps and Apple Maps for free so that it can be found by all potential customers.
Publication of native texts on the site
All texts will be proofread by a human copywriter, someone who lives in the region of promotion and whose native language is the local language, before they are published on the site.
Defining KPIs and regular reports
We will identify key performance indicators for your site, so you can track progress and provide detailed progress reports.
A team of experienced experts
Who will work on your project?
We create a team of experienced professionals and assign a project manager to ensure the success of promoting your resource. We are convinced that a strong team with a variety of skills and experience is the key to achieving your site promotion goals.
Project Manager
SEO Analysts
SEO Optimizers

Link-builders* - native speakers permanently residing in the country of promotion

Correctors** - specialists in external link building

How to get started with us

You leave an application
Getting to know each other, setting goals
Forming a team for your project
Getting results
And provide regular reports
We rejoice with you
Growth of traffic, leads and sales
Let us help you conquer the top of the Internet
Comprehensive internet marketing
OES Marketing offers a wide range of services to effectively promote your business on the Internet and reach the next level.
Contextual advertising in Google Ads
We help you achieve rapid growth of sales and increase website traffic. We create effective advertising campaigns and achieve high conversion rates and ROI.
SERM (Reputation Management)
Your reputation is in good hands - our specialists will help you to reduce the negative impact of reviews, increase customer loyalty and strengthen your company's image.
Website development
Our development team creates unique sites that meet modern standards. We pay special attention to design, usability and functionality.
Usability audit of the site
We'll help you find out how user-friendly your site is for visitors. We'll conduct a comprehensive audit of your site, identify problems and suggest optimal solutions to improve the user experience.
SEO promotion
We will provide your site with high positions in search results, increase traffic and conversion on the site. A full range of SEO services: from website audit and optimization to promotion on external resources.
SMM promotion
We attract new clients and strengthen connections with existing ones using social media. We take a comprehensive approach to promotion, including strategy development, content creation and analytics.
Are you sure SEO will help you?
Not every site can be effectively promoted in Google - much depends on search demand, competition and region, and sometimes it is more profitable to work only with traffic from Google Ads. You can leave an application for us to analyze exactly your niche.
Reviews our customers
It is better to see once than to hear a septillion times
Frequently Asked Questions and answers
How long does the initial analysis of the niche for SEO-promotion of the site take?
Analysis of the niche - the most important part of all the work at the start. On the basis of his general strategy is formed site promotion, and if you do not do this analysis, or in a hurry, make a mistake in the analysis of the niche, then we get the wrong strategy, and further work can be difficult or even impossible. That is why we devote the entire first month of the reporting period to niche analysis - painstakingly analyzing the subject and analyzing the competitors to atoms.

Example: we did not do a complete analysis of competitors in the beginning, and therefore did not immediately recognize that the competitors get most of the traffic from informational articles, the competition for which is less, moreover, these articles attract links for free. As a result, we began to immediately promote the expensive and competitive commercial requests and traffic to the site went a few months later than it could, and eventually cost more.
How is the traffic forecast generated?
The forecast is formed: first, on the basis of basic analytics of the growth of organic traffic of your competitors, the list of which is formed on the basis of the brief filled by the client and research conducted by us; second, on our expert experience in promoting more than a hundred sites of various topics.

When selecting competitors we focus on those that have grown relatively recently, and look how much traffic they managed to get during the first years of promotion, comparing it with the starting indicators of your site, and our previous cases.
Do you provide financial guarantees for the result?
Guarantees in SEO do not work in 2022, and no decent agency with a good reputation will not guarantee a position. Today such guarantees are the lot of scammers, who will not return a penny to you anyway. Google in its reference writes "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google", and that you should be wary of companies that offer this.

But, we guarantee the full implementation of all prescribed works in the contract, which we can change only in agreement with you.
Do you promote Russian-language sites abroad?
Yes, we can promote Russian-speaking sites abroad. In this case, we focus on promoting the site specifically among the Russian-speaking population.
Is it possible to communicate with you via messengers in the course of work?
We try to make the process of negotiations familiar and accessible, so we can communicate with you via Telegram, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype. Choose the communication method you are used to.
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